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Practice Areas

Real Estate and Housing

Our real estate attorneys have broad expertise serving clients in areas including acquisition and disposition of real estate, zoning, signage, parking, easements, boundary disputes, leasing, landlord-tenant issues, ADA and FHA, litigation of real estate related disputes, real estate valuation issues, and more


Fraternal Law Partners has unique experience providing tax counsel to non-profit entities including tax exempt social organizations and charities on the federal, state and local levels.

Employment Issues

We regularly represent employers in a variety of employment law matters include employment contracts, employment discrimination, wage and hour claims and negotiation and enforcement of employment contracts,

Corporate Governance

Our corporate attorneys serve as corporate and transactional counsel to both member based and board directed fraternities, sororities, related foundations and house corporations.


Charitable foundations are in the business of making scholarship, leadership, housing and other grants. Fraternal Law Partners is in the business of helping ensure Foundations may make the efficient use of their resources permissible under federal and state law.


We have litigated a broad range of cases including business and real estate disputes, contract and commercial disputes, zoning and land issues, real estate issues, landlord/tenant disputes, member claims, and corporate claims, among others. We also have unique experience litigating Constitutional claims and election law disputes.

Risk Management & Hazing

Fraternal Law can help with risk management and hazing issues before an incident (training and policies), during the incident (crisis management and incident response) and after the incident (investigation and systems analysis to prevent future similar occurrences).

Fundraising & Stewardship

Fraternal Law Partners assists charitable organizations with the legalities of fundraising and stewardship. We help clients follow the law, so clients can get back to securing the futures of their members.

State Registration for Greek Foundations

40 states require registration to solicitation contributions, requiring annual registration. Federal and state authorities are becoming increasingly focused on proper registration. Our registration services can help ensure compliance in every state requiring registration.