Manley Burke/Fraternal Law Partners Files Amicus Brief in NH Zoning Case

In September, 2017, we reported on New Hampshire Alpha of SAE Trust v. Town of Hanover, and Town of Hanover Zoning Board of Adjustment, (Docket No. 16-CV-283), a case then pending in the Grafton County Superior Court.  To recap, the case involved the de-recognition of the SAE chapter by Dartmouth College and the subsequent revocation of the house corporation’s zoning permit under the Town of Hanover zoning ordinance.

Manley Burke/Fraternal Law Partners filed an amici brief on behalf of several other house corporations owning chapter houses in Hanover including Phi Delta Alpha Corporation, Zeta Association of Psi Upsilon and the Trustees of Alpha Omega Chapter of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity.[1]  The amici brief is focused entirely on the idea that the Ordinance unlawfully delegates the Town’s zoning authority to Dartmouth College.

The amici brief can be reviewed by clicking here

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